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A strong online author platform can help you sell more books, increase your influence and establish a public speaking career, all of which expands your ability to make a difference in the world

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Why is an online author platform so important? As an author, you dream of affecting people’s lives with your non-fiction book and making the impact in the world that you were born to make. You may want to believe that a great book will fly off the shelves on its own merit, or that publicity is your publisher’s job. It’s just not the case any more. You have to build your readership, and you have to sustain it.

To build a successful career as an author today, it’s no longer enough to write a great book. You also need a strong online author platform where your Reader Tribe can gather around you and grow with you throughout your career. Publishers expect it, and successful self-publishing demands it.

But isn’t this pretty complicated? When you’re just starting out, the world of online marketing can seem complex, time-consuming, and effort-intensive. You might think that to do it successfully requires a big marketing budget to hire web developers, marketing consultants and creative content producers, or that it’s only for authors who have already made a name for themselves.

If you’re thinking that, you’re not alone – but you’re also mistaken. With the right guidance and a firm commitment to your own success, you too can use social media, a website and blog, newsletters and even video to build and grow an online following, even if you are starting from square one now.


Realize your dreams of becoming a fulltime author

Maggie Langrick

I’m Maggie Langrick, publisher at LifeTree Media, where we turn experts into authors who help, heal and inspire. I have been an editor and member of the media for nearly twenty years, and during that time, I have seen dramatic changes in the way readers and writers connect. As Arts and Life editor at Western Canada’s largest newsroom, I contributed to the growth of massive online communities around our articles and video content and got to see first-hand our shift into the digital world.

As an editor, I saw writers go from being baffled by Twitter, too nervous to appear on video, and unsure about how to write appropriately on a blog, to having huge platforms with thousands of fans and followers who actively seek out their work. I have seen shy and reluctant writers who weren’t sure if they could ever be comfortable engaging with readers turn into some of the biggest blog success stories of their peer group. It was possible for them, and it is possible for you.

As a publisher, I know the importance that a strong online author platform makes to the success of a book. Once your Reader Tribe learns to look to you for guidance, advice and information, you’ve got more than recognizability; you’ve got credibility. This is what it means to be an influencer in your field. This is what it means to make a meaningful contribution to the communities that matter most to you. And isn’t that the very reason you are compelled to write at all?

My own sense of purpose comes from helping experts and change-makers like you to get your message out into the world. Too many worthy authors suffer an anticlimactic letdown upon the release of their book. Their voices go unheard; their life-enhancing ideas remain undiscovered. It’s not that they don’t deserve to be read; it’s just that they don’t know how to cut through the noise.

It’s for all these reasons that I decided to create a comprehensive course to help authors reach their full potential. The Author Platform Accelerator is a six-week online course that will give you all the tools and practical instruction you need to begin building a strong, thriving online author platform now, even if you’ve got no website, no blog, no email list, and even if you hate the idea of selling yourself.


Seven ways a great author platform boosts your career

  1. You sell more books to the right people. A good author platform isn’t about grabbing thousands of random Twitter followers. It means cultivating a real and ongoing relationship with your readers — the very people for whom you are writing. Establishing this bond early allows you to launch your book — and all the books to follow — into the receptive hands of real people who know you and like what you’re about. Readers who feel a personal connection with you through social media or a regular newsletter are more likely to post reviews of your book online and talk about you with their own friends, too.
  2. You expand your influence. Your platform is like a multi-media stage, microphone and audience all rolled into one. When you speak, people listen, so your ideas spread faster and carry greater weight.
  3. You connect with a Reader Tribe that will follow you throughout your career. When people latch onto a good thing, they tend to stick with it. By cultivating an online platform and not simply relying on media reviews for a few weeks around launch date, you stay top of mind with your readers and fans between books, so that their attachment to you grows deeper over the years.
  4. You set yourself up for better publishing opportunities. When you have a large platform, publishers are much more likely to come knocking at your door. They’ll be attracted to your pre-existing readership, putting you in a stronger position to negotiate bigger and better deals. Or, you might choose to cut out the publisher altogether. With strong online platform, you have a direct pipeline to your core market, giving you far greater potential to self-publish profitably.
  5. You connect with other fascinating people. As your influence grows, you’ll be able to reach out to more and more people who once seemed too “high up” on the influencer food-chain. These connections won’t just create lasting relationships with like-minded individuals, but exciting new opportunities for your career.
  6. You’ll find more ways to have an impact on the world. Writing a book is a great way to share what you know — but it isn’t the only way. With a strong platform, you can easily pivot into creating courses and other information products, delivering seminars and speeches, and cultivating a thriving client base for your services.
  7. You set yourself free. No more day job. No more work obligations. A successful platform means you can focus on what you love to do, whether this is writing, speaking, researching, or anything else. Of course, if you want to keep your day job, that’s perfectly fine too! By enjoying financial security and the support of thousands of fans, you’ll be able to wake up each day knowing that your life is where you want it to be.


Don’t allow misplaced fears to hold back your career

“I don’t know anything about it — I’m starting from scratch.” We’ve all had to start from scratch. The good news is it’s easier than ever. This course will give you a solid grounding in the fundamentals of online platform building so you can create a plan of your own, with the confidence to put it into place.

“I’m not tech-savvy enough.” This excuse has been in play for a very long time. However, internet tools are now more user-friendly than ever, even when it comes to making websites. Sometimes it’s just a question of understanding what you need and knowing where to find it. The instructional videos, worksheets and resources in this course will steer you through all the technical basics and point you toward more detailed information, for those who wish to go even deeper.

“It will take too long, and I’m already too far behind.” There’s a quote sprinkled throughout the course: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” Not only is this true for oak trees, it’s also true for online platforms. While these platforms are meant to be built up over several years, the process will be well worth it, no matter when you start. Ask yourself this: If you wished you had started two years ago, what will you be feeling two years from now?

“It’s going to be expensive—I’ll have to hire a web developer.” It’s now possible to create an entire author platform for very little money, or even for free. Our guides will show you how to keep down the need for hired help, without burning yourself out in the process.

“I hate social media and I don’t know anything about it.” You’re not alone, but it definitely doesn’t have to be this way. We’ll show you how to make social media easy and enjoyable, even if you’ve never used it professionally before. In fact, this course focuses on helping you set up a platform that you love using. Social media doesn’t have to be a chore or a time sinkhole — we’ll show you how to get the best results and personal fulfillment out of it.


What You’ll Learn Through The
Author Platform Accelerator

With six video modules as well as plenty of additional guides and worksheets, each week of the course can be completed in about two hours. Here’s what you’ll be learning:


Module One

May 1-7 – Module One: What is an Online Author Platform?

It’s best to start with the basics. In this module you’ll learn:

Module Two

May 8-14 – Module Two: Value—Your Platform’s Lifeblood

Your value is the most important part of your online author platform. In this module, you’ll learn:

Module Three

May 15-21 – Module Three: The Platform Home Base—Your Website & Blog

Having a website is essential these days, and a well-run blog can set apart. In this module you’ll learn:

Module Four

May 22-28 – Module Four: Your Mailing List

Mailing lists are incredibly underrated tools, and can be a ton of fun to use. In this module you’ll learn:

Module Five

May 29-June 4 – Module Five: Social Media

Social media is one of the most misunderstood marketing tools right now. In this module you’ll learn:

Module Six

June 5-11 – Module Six: Your Online Network

Most people have plenty of experience with networking, but online networks are an entirely different beast. In this module you’ll learn:

Bonus eBook

June 12 – Bonus eBook: Selling Your Book Through Your Author Platform

It’s not enough to just build an online author platform—you also need to sell your books. In this mini eBook you’ll learn:



What Else Do You Get With The Course?

In addition to the six video modules and the bonus eBook, you’ll be receiving plenty of other goodies. Let’s take a look at what’s included with the Author Platform Accelerator:

A full suite of learning options

The entire course is delivered through six video tutorials and accompanying worksheets. However, in case you prefer other formats, or prefer to learn on the go, we’ve included transcripts of the video, as well as audio files. Put our course on while you jog or drive—it may not be as catchy as Taylor Swift, but it’s a lot more rewarding!

Worksheets and bonus resources

To help you put the instruction in our course into action, we’ve included worksheets, references materials, cheat sheets and guides to third-party resources with every module. Here are some of the resources you’ll get with the course:

  • Online author platform audit
  • How to set ambitious and achievable goals
  • How to track your platform’s metrics
  • Inspiration inventory
  • Best online platform tools
  • Finding your unique value proposition
  • Finding your Reader Tribe
  • Map out your content plan
  • Ideal mini e-book creation
  • SEO tips and terms
  • Creating your author website
  • Creating your social media plan
  • The author’s guide to Amazon & Goodreads
  • Start-to-finish online book launch

Support And Community

We’re all in this platform-building game together! Your place on the course includes access to an online community of course participants to allow everyone to share their insights and network with one another. Discuss the course materials, ask questions, and share your own challenges and success stories. Once a week, we’ll round up your most commonly asked questions and answer them by email when we release the next module. And of course, if you’re the kind of person who prefers to learn solo, that’s totally fine too!


Six weeks of acceleration

The course runs from May 1 to June 12, giving you plenty of time to absorb the materials, implement the action steps and ask questions. If you fall behind, don’t worry—you can download all the materials to enjoy them at your own pace.


Optional extra: one-on-one consultation sessions

Strictly for Author Platform Accelerator participants, we’re offering platform consultation sessions with customized recommendations at a special low price. You get a comprehensive four-page written assessment of your platform audit, with targeted platform building recommendations designed around your needs as an author, followed up with a 30-minute phone consultation to answer your questions.

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Your Happiness Is Guaranteed… and Then Some!

We know that you’ll like our course, and you’ll love your results. But if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, just let us know within 30 days of the course’s start date, and we will issue a 100% refund of your tuition fees. In addition, the bonus materials and mini eBook are yours to keep.


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